The ZASTI platform provides a scientific and proven way of predicting component or mechanical failure using a transparent SaaS model. ZASTI’s Deep Learning algorithm, trained and tuned for prediction, allows analysis of wide array of data from multiple sources (sensors, legacy systems, maintenance records)

About Us

Our mission is to create a TRUE Deep Learning Platform

We are a bunch of grey haired youngsters fascinated by Neural Networks and how its works. We believe Deep Learning is a key component in automation and ZASTI is the brain child born out of the dream.

Diverse Team

The best part of ZASTI is the team, we are a diverse group of grey haired youngsters from Cornell to IIT, with varied years of experience in Fortune 100 companies with a passion for AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Blockchain

Industry Focus

We were leaders in some of the top Digital Companies and successful entrepreneurs before we decided to jump into creating ZASTI. We are working on selected verticals with a view of expanding to other verticals with strategic partners

Data Focus

We focus on three sets of Data
1. The read-out data as we call it, comes from sensors and other input zones
2. The sound, we believe noise or sound is a key parameter that is going to influence future predictions
3. The image, the possibilities are endless and so are the challenges and that's why we love image

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