You are going to be the person who develops "Skynet" and initiate the world annihilation!!! Just kidding :)

We are looking for motivated Data Scientists with excellent ability to develop, automate, and run analytical models using Deep Learning.

The successful candidate will have strong modeling skills and is comfortable owning data and working from concept through to execution. You will also build tools and support structures needed to analyze data and present findings to business partners to drive improvements. You will work closely with the Business Analysts, AI Research teams and Product Development to deliver Deep Learning models which solve key business problems for our customers.

Applicants should have a demonstrated ability to manage medium-scale modeling projects, identify requirements and build methodology and tools that are statistically grounded. You will have experience collaborating with multiple departments within the organization and external stakeholders.


  • Mine massive amounts of data and perform large-scale data analysis to derive useful business insights for our customers
  • Understand business problems, translate them into quantitative models, and choose the best applicable statistical and analytical tools to drive a solution
  • Work closely with AI Research team to develop predictive, and prescriptive models using deep learning algorithms
  • Identify actionable insights, suggest recommendations and influence the direction with effective communication of results to stakeholders both internal and external


  • Bachelors/PG/PhD in a quantitative discipline such as Machine Learning/AI, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science, etc.
  • Minimum of 2+ years of experience in using statistical, analytical, and ML techniques to solve business problems
  • Strong applied experience with Deep Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, Caffe preferably on large datasets.
  • Strong understanding of Deep Learning methodology and math.
  • Strong intuition for applying Deep Learning to practical problems.
  • Vast knowledge and experience with machine learning algorithms and statistical tools like Python scikit, R, MLLib, etc.
  • Knowledge of Hadoop and SQL are required, Spark is a plus
  • Knowledge of Python or other associated languages will be a plus
  • Experience with algorithmic work on NLP datasets would be great
  • Strength in collaboration with an ability to take the initiative and lead when needed
  • A practical mindset for working in a Startup